Building a new home can be a daunting task for many people- there are so many choices! Everywhere you look you are besieged by new ideas for wall color, flooring, faucets, the list is endless…

You want your new home to be functional for the long haul but still look fresh in 10 years and not in need of a re-fresh. This is why it is important to research trends. We all want to invest our money in style that yields returns for years. This is especially true in hard surfaces that are expensive to change like flooring, cabinetry or plumbing fixtures.

A few important things to keep in mind about Southwest Florida specifically:

We tend to see trends in new construction a little while after they have hit the rest of the country and they usually filter over from Naples, Tampa and the east coast of Florida. So, if you want to see what is up and coming in new construction then you may want to take some field trips to those areas.

Some styles may be beautiful in other areas of the country but they may not be completely feasible in our climate. Remember that Florida is subtropical or tropical! It is very humid and warm most of the year so you may have to make adjustments and take these things into account.

Since we have the possibility of hurricanes, our windows, doors, roofing materials, etc. have to be rated for them. This may limit some of your choices but when your friends in Michigan are shoveling snow while you are enjoying a Daiquiri in the pool that will not matter!

We do our best to keep ourselves educated on what is happening in our industry here as well as nationally. This includes the latest innovations as well as aesthetic trends.

We will keep posting helpful articles to assist you in your decision-making process as well as short blogs on how national trends are being utilized locally.

Thank you!

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