We have so many parties to make up for in 2021!

From family dinners to cocktail parties – I know that we are all looking forward to enjoying the company of friends and family again on a regular basis, after all that is part of our Florida lifestyle!

To that end, I have decided to indulge my inner Martha Stewart and focus on a 3-part blog series on smart design for entertaining!

First, let’s tackle that mess!

An old solution to an old problem:

Dishes piling up in your sink, glasses everywhere, guests on top of each other looking for the garbage can…

The solution:

The Butler Pantry or Expanded walk-in Pantry!

A successful butler pantry/expanded pantry:

  • Helps tidy up the areas that your guests see and use
  • Keeps party platters, flatware, tableware, and stemware in easily accessible places
  • Provides additional staging areas
  • Helps to keep passageways from becoming obstructed by replenishing your drinks and food without having to constantly open the fridge or oven in your kitchen.

You may have to be your own butler, but this type of configuration puts your dirty dishes out of sight during a get together.

This is especially useful if you have a single level kitchen island because there is no way of discreetly hiding mess.

Tuck a dishwasher, smaller refrigerator, trash bin or sink discreetly into a pantry so that your guests do not see the unwashed cutlery and glasses!

Other great ideas for your butler pantry are coffee makers, ice makers and wine fridges! You can hide small appliances away here that would normally live on your kitchen counters. Some homes allow for additional counter space for prep in the butler pantry as well and that can be especially handy for caterers and servers.

A butler pantry can also help your guests to serve themselves with a dedicated coffee station and that additional staging area.

Invest in a space to keep the party going and guests happy because my guess is that your new Florida home will be a magnet for get togethers!

All the Best,

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