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How long will the construction process take?

This depends on the size of the home and if there are any restrictions for building in your area. Generally speaking, you should allot about 12-14 months for an average size house from contract to completion.

How long does the design process take?

The actual design process can take as little or as much time as you want! We work on your schedule and you can make as many revisions – or as few- as you need to feel comfortable going forward with a plan. The draftsman will then draw a final plan and we send that to be engineered.

How does the design process work?

Sean can work with you in person or through conference calls and emails. He will ask many specific questions that tell him how you live and what you need.

For example, will you need an area dedicated to a hobby?

Do you love to entertain? Perhaps you need a wine cellar or a large lanai and a second en suite bedroom for overnight guests…

Sean and the draftsman will take your notes and create a preliminary blueprint for you to edit continue the process.

The draftsman will make revisions based on your emails, calls or meetings and when you give the greenlight he will draw up a final plan that will be submitted for engineering.

I collect cars. Can you help me design a garage that will house and display my collection?

Absolutely! We can help you design the garage/showroom of your dreams! We have built homes for many car aficionados. We can accommodate your collection using lifts and creative design work along with custom floor finishes and air-conditioned work rooms.

I don’t know exactly what I want, will you help me design the house?

We have built homes based on a drawing on a napkin! We keep your vision at the forefront and work diligently to make it into reality. We will give you guidance and options for every step of the process.

What if I change my mind about something after the plan is drawn up- is it too late to change?

Absolutely not! We can change and manipulate the plan all along the way. We do not charge you for revisions or limit your creativity!

I can’t find a lot I like so I am considering buying an existing house and demolishing it, is that prohibitively expensive?

Sometimes you find the perfect location for your new home but there is already a house on it! In most cases, it is not prohibitively expensive to demolish an existing structure to build in that location. You will also pay less in impact fees when you build on a lot that had a house on it before.

Do I have to use the vendors that you usually work with?

No. We have relationships with certain subcontractors and vendors because we use the same people for quality and consistency but we do not require you to use our preferred vendors. We will not penalize you for not doing business certain vendors. If you find someone who you would prefer to work with that is not one of our usual vendors then you are welcome to use them.

Will you help with my dock and lift?

We will help put you in contact with reputable dock and lift companies that will pull those permits and do the work. We work closely with them to make sure that the dock and lifts are installed when you want and when it is most logical for construction of the home.

I am looking at lots, will you help me decide?

We can draw and lay out a house on your prospective lot to show you roughly how the house can sit on that lot. We have even taken people on a crane to show them the view from their 2nd or 3rd story or flown a drone for the same reason – then you can make an informed decision.

My lot is not a standard shape and I am afraid that what I want won’t fit!

We can draw the lot and show you what shape and size houses will fit on that lot. We can also show you blueprints to use as starting points for any size and shape lot.

Will you finance or help me find a lender?

We do not provide any financing but we can put you in touch with local banks and mortgage lenders that have an excellent reputation and have worked with our customers in the past. We do not receive a fee or commission for putting you in touch with lenders.

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